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This quick start guide walks you through getting started with using iLab, including essential steps like registering for an account, joining or changing a lab membership, and adding your payment information. Whether you haven’t signed up yet or you are an existing user, read this quick start guide for a summary of your next steps and click the embedded links to learn more or the Help Site menu.

Create an iLab Account

You can register for a new account using the link a Core facility may have sent you, or using a generic link. Your account request will be review and approved within 24 hours.

When your account is approved, you will receive a Welcome Email with instructions on how to log into iLab.

Update Group Membership

If you need to join a group or add an additional to your account click on the My Groups link in the left side navigation menu. Once on this page click on the button Request Group Access.

This will then give you a window to select your Institution and then your group. When you have the correct options selected click the button Request Access. 

After you have requested access the group's PI and/or Lab Manager will receive notification and have the ability to approve your access. You will receive a notification once your request has been approved. 

If you need to be removed from a group/lab, contact the PI or Lab Manager.

If you are a PI or Lab Manager you can manually add users to your group/lab on the Members tab on the lab's page.


Request Access to a Core

There may be times when you need to request additional access to a core, when you navigate to a core either from clicking on their hyperlinked name on the Core Facilities page or using their direst URL, you will be prompted to request access. 

 Once you submit your access request, the core staff will review it and then be the ones to approve or deny it.

 Contact the facility directly if you have any questions regarding your access to their facility.

My Payment Information

When submitting a service request or creating a reservation you will need to provide payment information. If you are submitting work or creating a reservation with a core at your institution you may receive an error message to contact your PI or Lab Manager when your payment information is missing. Your PI and/or Lab Manager will need to assign you payment information from the groups payment grid prior to you submitting your work.

External Cores to your Institution, depending on their settings, may have different payment methods available, such as P.Os., credit card, cash, and you will need to indicate your payment method before submitting work.  

Contact the Core directly if you have questions about payment methods.

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