Registering with iLab

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Registering with iLab typically takes several steps:


In iLab, there are two ways to register. The most common is to receive a registration link from the specific core you are looking to access. The second way is through a generic sign up link.

Register using a specific facility URL

Registering with your Institutional credentials

Check here if your Institution has ID integration with iLab or if you will need iLab credentials to log in.

Accessing the specific URL given to you by the core facility will bring you to the external landing page of the core. Once you click 'Register', it will bring you to the first step of the Registration interface, where you enter your e-mail address, verify the CAPTCHA requirement and agree to iLab's privacy and security policies. 

Your e-mail address will be reviewed, and if your institution has an ID Integration with iLab, the registration process will redirect you to your own institution's authentication system:

Once authenticated, you will choose the PI that you work with and  your PI or your institution's administrator will be notified for approval. Once approved you will receive access to iLab and the site you wish to utilize.

Generic registration URLs

In instances where you have not been given a specific URL, you may register using one of the following urls. (U.S.A.) (most of Europe) (Australia) (Canada)

You will be asked to indicate the iLab institution that you are registering for and will then be directed to finish the registration starting with providing your email and moving through the steps of the registration wizard below. 

Personal Information

The second step of the process requires you to complete your personal information. The institution field may be pre-populated based on the e-mail address, but this selection can be overridden. 

Group Associations

The third step prompts you to indicate the Lab/Group you are associated with. You may enter the group name, PI name, or financial approver and the system will search for a group matching that information. If there is no existing Lab/Group, you can use "Create New Group" to create a new Lab/Group. 

Billing Information

The fourth step may not be required for the institution you are registering with, in which case you would have been prompted to complete the process after the "Group Associations" step. However, if Billing Information is required, you will be prompted to complete the following information:

After the final step, your registration can be completed. If your registration meets the following conditions, it will be completed momentarily, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and the PI and Lab/Group managers will be notified:

  • The institution you are registering with already exists in iLab
  • The registration e-mail address matches a known institutional domain
  • The Lab/Group you are registering with already exists in iLab

If these conditions are not met, your registration will be manually reviewed and account creation (or rejection) may take up to 24 hours. 

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