Overview of Managing a Group

Roles: PIs, Lab/Group Manager

The Lab/Group interface is the central hub for PIs and Lab/Group Managers to manage the Lab/Group members, access to funding, monitor budget and modify various settings. In iLab, every user must be a member of at least one Lab/Group to be able to order services and make reservations. 

Access your Lab/Group

To access your group, either hover over the "my groups" link on the left-side navigation and then select the lab from the pop-up, or click on the "my groups" link and then select the lab from the list on the next page (if you have only one group, clicking the link will take you straight there):

Navigate your Lab/Group

The functions of your group in iLab are organized  in various tabs: 

For more information about the various tabs, please refer to:

Also be aware of various functions accessed from the left-hand navigation that may be helpful to you as a PI or Lab/Group Manager:

  • View Requests‍: Filter and view all service requests placed by members of your group.
  • Invoices‍: Review all invoices for service requests and reservations made by your group.
  • Reporting‍: Generate reports for iLab activity of your group.

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