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iLab Release Notes – May 4, 2024


This release delivers a comprehensive upgrade to the iLab billing module, prioritizing user experience enhancements, workflow optimizations, and performance improvements.

Key Updates

  • Billing Event Creation Workflow 

    • Predefined Parameters: Start billing events quickly with pre-filled parameters (end date, event name, charge types, invoice grouping). Customize as needed before creation. 

      Example of pre-filled parameters to streamline billing event creation. 
    • Optional Charge Review: The "Review Charges" button offers pre-event review for users who prefer to verify charges before proceeding.
    • Real-time Charge Loading & Editing: Charges load dynamically, and a real-time counter provides visibility into the process. Users can edit charges as they load, eliminating workflow pauses. 

      Example of the real-time loading charges progress counter. 
    • Progress Bar: A progress bar on the "Billing" tab offers transparent tracking of billing event creation. 

      See your billing event progress directly in the Billing tab. 
  • User Interface Enhancements 

    • Semantic UI Integration: Updated interface design for improved usability and a cleaner look.
    • Optimized Layout: Page layout revisions enhance navigation.
    • Terminology Updates: Updated field labels for clarity (e.g., "End Date" to "Include Charges Up To"). 
  • Centralized Billing / Institution Billing 

    • Bulk Action Modals: Bulk actions for revalidating billing files, creating files and invoices, marking files as sent, and merging drafts have been updated with Semantic UI, progress bars, and success indicators. 
  • Backend Performance Improvements 

    • Billing Revalidation: Code optimizations in the billing revalidation process offer efficiency gains. Users processing large datasets will see the most significant time savings.

Availability & Resources

These updates are live for all iLab users. Refer to the following resources for detailed instructions and support:


We value your input! Please share your experience with the upgraded billing module to help us shape future improvements.

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