Summary of Cores

Role: Institution Administrator

The Summary of Cores tab on your Institution Dashboard, gives you an at-a-glance view of activity in your institution's cores.

The first section contains the statistics from all of your live cores. The statistics displayed are revenues (for the last 12 months), total users, total requests, and utilization (amount of scheduled time). The light blue indicates users internal to your institution and the dark blue indicates external users.

The next section includes a list of your institution's cores followed by demographic information. Each core name is a hyperlink which will take you to the core's homepage if clicked.

You may also display additional information about the cores by clicking on the boxes, Show Payment Requirements and Show External Settings.

Show Payment Requirements will display the core's payment requirement settings for internal and external customers.

Show External Settings will display the Visible Externally settings used to define how your core will be viewed for external (non-member) iLab customers.

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